Setúbal na Rede is the first digital only newspaper in Portugal. Unfortunately the design and operation also date from 1998.

The new version, to be applied in 2014, strengthens the three key points, the “news of the day”, the “briefcases” and “opinion columns”. This key points are available for the day on the homepage and the older pages in single archived files, has an attempt to keep the audience on the homepage, contradicting the latest trends.

The homepage opens with a full screen image which does not switch to another page when clicked. It uses a strong image about the main story of the day as teaser and refers down to the rest of the newspaper.

In the functional part of the newspaper, developments expected in short news video (1 minute or so) or longer in the “briefcases” (sets of content on a topic), more interaction with social networking and curation/syndication of related contents.

To monetize the site it’s planed the use of native advertising (and traditional), conferences/events and cross-media.